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Corporate Strategy for Public & Government Affairs

Government and Public Affairs - develop overarching game plans that dictate how a company should approach engagement with governmental and regulatory bodies.

Political Risk Management

Help guide, understand, analyze, mitigate and respond to political decisions, events, risks, or conditions to help your company control what you can control.

Lobbying & Political Advocacy

Build, create, and drive a company’s policy agenda in Washington DC and state capitals around the country.

Stakeholder Engagement

Establish your company as a trusted partner through building, maintaining, and leveraging relationships on the Hill, with the Administration, governors, legislative leaders across the country and with relevant third-party groups to execute corporate policy agenda.

Political Involvement

Cultivate and exert political influence by actively rather than passively engaging in the political process to drive your company’s policy agenda.

Strategic Communications

Develop government and public affairs messaging that is segmented out by target audience - policymakers, Capitol Hill, think tanks, etc. Create talking points and corporate materials for meetings.

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